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Ramsgate back to London

Determined to get the boat back to London, I arrived early Thursday morning intent on doing a singlehanded night sail that evening. I found Excalibur calmly bopping away in Ramsgate marina with very little signs of seagull shit to my relief. The marina staff later explained that the seagulls are the bane of their life come... Author: Tim Butler

Dover back to London

That was the plan….but it didn’t happen. I took a super early train down to Dover and worked (day job) from the boat. Ironically I’m developing an ocean themed website at the moment for a client, which is quite apt. The plan was to bring scally back home to London for the winter, which would... Author: Tim Butler

Night trip from Ramsgate to Dover

This evenings plan was to hop on a train after work down to Ramsgate, get Excalibur to Dover in the early hours, grab some sleep and train it back to London the next morning. Back at my desk for 9am, no one the wiser! I met a Scottish chap who’s sailing to the Caribbean or... Author: Tim Butler


Rams-u-gate It was a clear black night, a clear white moon Excalibur was on the water, trying to consume some wind for the eve, so I can get some funk just rollin on the tide, chillin all alone Just hit the Eastside of the Thames Estuary on a mission trying to find buoys 1, 2... Author: Tim Butler

Brightlingsea – Burnham – Ramsgate

Brightlingsea to Burnham-on-Crouch This weekend Trina came aboard. We took the train to Wivenhoe, and found a pub nearest the station to have a pint in whilst waiting for a taxi. The taxi turned up remarkably quickly, so we sculled our drinks off we went to Brightlingsea. The taxi driver gave us inside tips about... Author: Tim Butler