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Gosport – Brighton

Now it feels like I’m on my way home writing this post. Not much of a post this one I’m afraid to say. Sunday morning we got up at 4:45am to head to Brighton. We really wanted to do a non-stop slog to Dover, but the fickle weather the day before prevented us from departing.... Author: Tim Butler

Salcombe – Poole – Lymington – Gosport

The logistics of getting down to Salcombe where we’d left the boat was a bit of a faff. We don’t have a working outboard at the moment and the water taxi’s don’t run late in Salcombe, so as we didn’t have any way to get from the harbour to the boat, so we booked an... Author: Tim Butler

Gosport memories

The title may suggest that I’m no longer in Gosport. I’m still in Gosport. I spent 17 consecutive days in Gosport working on the boat between two bank holidays to try and nail as many jobs as possible. My daily commute to the local Aldi has become a thing. I’ve never seen so many brightly... Author: Tim Butler