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Dover back to London

That was the plan….but it didn’t happen. I took a super early train down to Dover and worked (day job) from the boat. Ironically I’m developing an ocean themed website at the moment for a client, which is quite apt. The plan was to bring scally back home to London for the winter, which would... Author: Tim Butler

Dover to Brighton – UFO’s, satellites and shooting stars

Today I waved goodbye to the east coast, not knowing when or if I’ll be sailing back up that way again. I came down Friday night after having a minor dispute in Waitrose with another shopper. Seeing an argument in a London Waitrose is like watching two public school boys fighting with hankies. Earlier in the... Author: Tim Butler

Night trip from Ramsgate to Dover

This evenings plan was to hop on a train after work down to Ramsgate, get Excalibur to Dover in the early hours, grab some sleep and train it back to London the next morning. Back at my desk for 9am, no one the wiser! I met a Scottish chap who’s sailing to the Caribbean or... Author: Tim Butler