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Today we sailed Moonpenny from Ipswich to London – Sunday

Sunday was a stunningly beautiful day, not a cloud in the big blue sky, a stark and welcome change to Saturday’s bumpy ride. We sailed pretty much uneventfully up the Thames and eventually came to the Thames barrier. We should have radio’d up VTS when we approached the Thames barrier to get permission to pass... Author: Tim Butler

Today we anti-fouled my new boat

This isn’t going to be the most exciting post, but just imagine two clueless boys rummaging through a newly acquired boat. I had just bought a boat which was like an Aladdin’s cave to me and Ben. We rummaged through the lockers picking out ladders, buckets, flares (very coooool) and other items which we had no idea what they were or... Author: Tim Butler

Today I decided to live on a boat

Let me explain how I arrived at the intelligent conclusion that I should look for a boat. I had moved back from a 9 month stint I did in Zurich, after relocating there for the company I was working for at the time. Zurich didn’t quite do it for me. There’s quiet, and then there’s... Author: Tim Butler