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Rams-u-gate It was a clear black night, a clear white moon Excalibur was on the water, trying to consume some wind for the eve, so I can get some funk just rollin on the tide, chillin all alone Just hit the Eastside of the Thames Estuary on a mission trying to find buoys 1, 2... Author: Tim Butler

Day 15 of Summer Trip 2014 – Final tidy up!

First night back on the water, glorious! I had intended on leaving today, but I felt I didn’t need the rush so decided to stay one more night. Call it nerves, call me Captain Sensible (or lazy) but I prefer not to rush. The extra time allowed me to formulate a plan, which is a turn... Author: Tim Butler

Today I finished my contract

Quite a momentous day today. I finished up my contract today and now don’t expect to work for at least 6 months. This I find is a much more daunting prospect that sailing to St Lucia itself. I was very touched to receive a leaving present consisting of a selection of sailing books that I... Author: Tim Butler

Today we sailed to Calais….in December

Oliver, Mattis and I wanted to try a bit of winter sailing, and attempt a 1 stop trip to Calais in winter from London. Winter Sailing Kit I thought it would be useful to list what I wore as it kept me pretty warm and definitely recommend the follow: Helly Henson Dry Glove Liner (definitely recommend these, they made... Author: Tim Butler

Today we sailed to Bologne and back

This bank holiday, I decided to join Oliver, Carlotta, and Will, on Troskala to Bolougne. Oliver and Carlotta had sailed to Bolougne earlier in the year, and highly recommended it. We had a great trip over to Bolougne, without any problems. Bolougne’s a nice little french town.  The old town is pretty and the waitresses... Author: Tim Butler

Today I met Oliver, Carlotta, and Troskala

I hope you appreciate the Oxford comma Emma! One thing about living in a marina for any length of time is that you meet all sorts of people, some snobbish, some polite, and others will just ignore you, but when passing someone on a pontoon I’ll always look them in the eye and say hello... Author: Tim Butler