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Summer Trip 2014

Day 43 of Summer Trip 2014 – Ouistreham

If you like having a true British experience abroad, Ouistreham is the place. There’s a direct ferry from Portsmouth, so it feels like being back in blighty.. Ben went for a haircut whilst I took a trek to a Carrefour, a 30 minute walk out of town to try and find a gas regulator. I... Author: Tim Butler

Day 40 – 41 of Summer Trip 2014 – Fecamp

What can I say about Fecamp, hmm. It’s alright… I bought a replacement gas bottle, as the other one ran out. With Ben’s help we installed some cockpit speakers, which are cleverly hidden behind two access panels in the cockpit. Ben the bilge rat got straight to work as you can see! living up to... Author: Tim Butler

Day 38 of Summer Trip 2014 – Dieppe

Well what can I say about Dieppe? We really liked Dieppe, probably more so that Boulogne as you don’t have walk anywhere to get to the ‘nice bit’. The shower block is probably the best one I’ve seen on my trip. Anyone who’s sailed somewhere appreciates a good shower. They even thank you for flushing... Author: Tim Butler

Day 31 of Summer Trip 2014 – Dover to Boulogne

The weather forecast for our crossing was foggy, with poor visibility at first, freshening up later. Truth be told I can’t stand fog, especially when we’re about to cross the busiest shipping channel in the world. I tried to gleam some information/opinions from the marina staff, but it was pointless. High water was at 03:08,... Author: Tim Butler