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Summer Trip 2014

Day 77 – Dover to St Kats

I had a days rest yesterday and did all my usual pre-trip stuff like filling up on fuel, water, food supplies, double, treble check the weather, tides and pilotage. I picked up another handheld VHF as I wasn’t confident that my fixed VHF was working properly. I decided to do a non-stop passage from Dover... Author: Tim Butler

Day 75 – Brighton to Dover

Another early start. I planned to leave at 6am, low water was at 7:09. It’s a fair way to Dover and I had worked out that I would fight a bit of tide as I arrived at Dover. The tide can be reasonably strong on a Spring tide around Dover, so leaving on time was... Author: Tim Butler

Day 67 – 74 – Brighton

It was nice to be back in the UK, and being able to converse with shop assistants and marina staff in English without feeling like a knob. There’s nothing worse than having to use GCSE pigeon French in a public environment. My plan was to get someone to fix the broken toe rail and sort... Author: Tim Butler

Day 66 – Fecamp to Brighton

I woke up at 3:30am, why does every departure have to start at such an unsociable hour! Early morning tasks include eating 4 wheetabix, yoghurt and making a cuppa tea with generous helpings of sugar. Over a cup of tea I quickly check on the weather forecast, thankfully no hurricanes are forecasted. The forecast was... Author: Tim Butler

Day 65 – Fecamp (second visit)

My plan for today was to prepare the boat ready to cross straight over to Brighton the next day. The trip would be my longest solo trip to date, and though it wouldn’t be noted down in history it was going to be a little milestone for me. The day consisted of buying fuel, food,... Author: Tim Butler

Day 64 – Honfleur to Fecamp (take two!)

Well I won’t bore you with my pre-departure routine, but it was pretty much the same as the day before. Only this time I had everything I could possibly need in the cockpit lockers, close to hand. I went through the lock as before and headed out along the River Seine. The conditions where much... Author: Tim Butler

Day 59 – 63 Honfleur to Fecamp

Arrived back late from Ibiza, all was sound on the boat, everything was as I left. On my first morning back I had a very distressed and relieved member of staff from the marina to deal with. They were literally wiping fake beads of sweat from their eyebrows. “Monsieur monsieur Butler, we didn’t have your... Author: Tim Butler

Day 45 of Summer Trip 2014 – Caen to Honfleur

We didn’t stay very long in Caen, I can’t remember why but we left the next morning. For our 8:45am departure Ben ceremonially put on what is now Excalibur’s theme tune, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Commando theme tune. Another lovely sunny day, we departed along with 4 other boats and took up the rear. We once again... Author: Tim Butler