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Holiday take 2 – Torquay to Falmouth

I think we both slept pretty soundly after our 15 hour day yesterday. Trina awoke questioning her passion for the sea. Something I’ve found myself doing many times after a hard slog. I’m not 100% sure why anyone would want to spend 14 hours in wind and rain, feeling sick, travelling at 5 miles an... Author: Tim Butler

Holiday take 2 – Weymouth to…

Holiday time!! Friday Trussed up like a pack horse I headed to Weymouth, meeting up with Trina along the way for the start of our 10 day holiday. For anyone wishing to get dinner in Weymouth, be aware that hardly anyone serves food after 9pm! We eventually found solace in a tapas restaurant, god bless... Author: Tim Butler

Anchoring in Mupe Bay

I’ve always wanted to check out Lulworth Cove ever since a work colleague (Struan) introduced me to a film called Nuts in May, which used the location in one of it’s scenes. The weather forecast for the weekend was a light westerly on Saturday and no wind come Sunday, so it seemed like a perfect... Author: Tim Butler

Breaking news! Excalibur has left the Solent!

I headed down to Lymington on Friday night, and met Trina at The Angel & Blue Pig for rice and peas, and chicken in a big mushroom #poshfoodgonewrong Lymington has a distinct lack of taxis it transpired. On a Friday night in town we couldn’t get one single taxi, so had to navigate our way... Author: Tim Butler


As the title suggests, this was not  a successful holiday 🙁 grr Saturday evening I had to clear up my logistical mess from the previous weekend, and pick the car from Gosport and head to Chichester to pick up some bits from the boat and drop a few bits off. I met up with Paddy... Author: Tim Butler

Fathers day sail

No surprises as to what this post is about. I haven’t managed to get dad out for a sail since I bought Excalibur, we’ve only motored up the Thames or motored in the rain around Beaulieu. This weekends forecast was sun and light winds. Perfect! I’ve been waiting for a day like this for a... Author: Tim Butler

Chi shake down #2

Another weekend, this time a trip to Chichester and back. The weather was pretty blustery, and getting out of the berth was a close call as wind and tide were not working in our favour. Soon as we got far enough out into the Solent it was time to get the main up. I admit... Author: Tim Butler

May bank holiday shake down #1

I headed down late Friday night after being subjected a barrage of abuse from a Jeremy Kyle watching chav down the road, who went ape shit after I gently bumped her car whilst getting out of a tight spot. Ollie and Becki came down for the long weekend, and we had a couple of drinks... Author: Tim Butler

A sail around the Isle of Wight

I arrived in Beaulieu in my folks campervan with Trina. The plan was to take the folks out on Saturday for a little jolly, and then early Sunday morning sail around the Isle of Wight with Trina. It was mums birthday on Monday so what better way to celebrate by pottering down the River Beaulieu,... Author: Tim Butler

Weekend trip to Yarmouth and Newtown Creek

Another weekend, another trip. I headed down to the Hamble with Trina, and found Excalibur where I left her. Everything intact and ready to go. I coughed up a couple of weeks mooring fees, had a bit of lunch and set off for Yarmouth. Nothing spectacular happened on the journey. I didn’t check the tides,... Author: Tim Butler