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Today I Skippered Moonpenny for the first time

Saturday was a special day. I planned a jolly up the Thames to Erith Yacht Club for the weekend. Well, when I say planned, Oliver booked Moonpenny in for the lockout and all we had to do was turn left!  Onboard would be my parents and my old college friend, Adam. Earlier that week Oliver... Author: Tim Butler

Today I met Oliver, Carlotta, and Troskala

I hope you appreciate the Oxford comma Emma! One thing about living in a marina for any length of time is that you meet all sorts of people, some snobbish, some polite, and others will just ignore you, but when passing someone on a pontoon I’ll always look them in the eye and say hello... Author: Tim Butler

Today we sailed Moonpenny from Ipswich to London – Saturday

Overslept and running late, we woke up with a jolt. Steph was all systems on, go go go!!! The panic and general shock of being ordered around by Steph sent Emma into tears. I later discovered that this would be a common theme that would run throughout future sailing trips in months and years to... Author: Tim Butler

Today I bought a boat

I’ll let the picture do the talking. I met the owner, I wore a buoyancy aid not a life jacket (I didn’t know!) , it rained, Moonpenny didn’t sink, an engine alarm came on which the owner had it fixed by a Volvo Penta engineer. I was very lucky that the previous owner Steve was so approachable.... Author: Tim Butler

Today I started the buying process

Today I started the process of buying a boat. Much like putting in a offer for a house, the back and forth to come to an agreed value of the boat between purchaser and vendor is equally as nerve racking, and the similarity between estate agent and broker is uncanny, in many ways. The guys... Author: Tim Butler

Today I told my girlfriend I’m buying a boat

After we got home, and after I checked my bank balance, I headed over to my girlfriend Emma to break the news.  Emma told me I was crazy when I told her I was going to buy a boat called Moonpenny, a brown boat in Ipswich. It’s true, I’ve never sailed a boat. I’ve never... Author: Tim Butler

Today I found a boat

With permission from the girlfriend, I invited my only boaty friend, Steph, to come up with me on the back of my motorbike to Ipswich, just to have a look at a few boats. Steph was more than happy to oblige, although ‘sailing’ through a roundabout thinking we had hit a green light, when in fact there were... Author: Tim Butler