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New year new jobs!

Not much has happened since arriving in Gosport last winter, until now. First job of the year was to fix the area around the outer shroud which was pulling up the deck at the midship. I spent a couple of weeks researching fibreglassing techniques and liased with West Systems on how best to approach my first... Author: Tim Butler

Exploding batteries!

— Alert! Click bait! — I’ll get to the ‘exploding batteries’ bit in a mo. Firstly I should mention, that sadly Ted the Trolley had to be put down. He lead a tough life, trolley-hauling endless amounts of dirty laundry, shit loads of beers and wine, and other manner of junk to and from the boat. His... Author: Tim Butler

Henry the Hydrovane

Today’s a big day for Excalibur. Navigators in Chichester have successfully installed the Hydrovane brackets and shaft (I have a ‘H’ and ‘E’ shaft configuration). I had to assemble the drive unit and vane, and with a bit of help from Navigators we managed to get the rudder in place, which is mighty heavy, and... Author: Tim Butler

A month of boat jobs in Ipswich

So I’ll try not to bore you to death with a long god awful description of dull jobs. Actually I will. The guys from the yard called on me first thing to get me lifted out. Toilet pump replacement Trina changed my toilet pump, waheeeeey! For reasons unknown to me, my new boat helper actually... Author: Tim Butler

This evening my Marelon seacock failed

There’s no greater feeling than the sinking feeling you get when your seacock fails, and your boat is effectively sinking. Around 11pm on a Bank Holiday Monday I decided to unblock my sink. The sink doesn’t block very often, but I thought I’d sort it out and have an early night before the week ahead.... Author: Tim Butler

Today my Exhaust Riser/Mixing Elbow sheered off

Today was going to be a good day! I was taking Excalibur out for her first voyage of the year, yes pitiful I know! But I’ve had a lot on. I had a new crew member on board! and my neighbour was taking his boat out as well for a pootle. Eager to get Excalibur... Author: Tim Butler

Day 44 of Summer Trip 2014 – Ouistreham to Caen

From Ouistreham you can take a trip up the canal to Caen. The canal takes you through 3 bridges from memory. The trick is to arrive at the first one at the designated time, and then the subsequent bridges open up one at a time thereafter. I really enjoyed the trip up the canal. It... Author: Tim Butler