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Anchoring in Mupe Bay

I’ve always wanted to check out Lulworth Cove ever since a work colleague (Struan) introduced me to a film called Nuts in May, which used the location in one of it’s scenes. The weather forecast for the weekend was a light westerly on Saturday and no wind come Sunday, so it seemed like a perfect... Author: Tim Butler

Noliday long weekend

Abandoning our two week holiday last week and heading back to work turned out to be the right choice. The weather last week was rubbish, and the weekend forecast wasn’t much good either. Still, we headed down in the hope of snatching a day sail or carry on finishing up jobs we’d started ready for... Author: Tim Butler


As the title suggests, this was not  a successful holiday 🙁 grr Saturday evening I had to clear up my logistical mess from the previous weekend, and pick the car from Gosport and head to Chichester to pick up some bits from the boat and drop a few bits off. I met up with Paddy... Author: Tim Butler

It all starts at the Castle Tavern

Ollie came down late Friday night for the weekend. Saturday would be boat jobs and/or sailing, perhaps anchoring in Osborne Bay overnight. Sunday we planned to go to Goodwood Festival of Speed thanks to Ollie having free tickets. I managed to get the Hydrovane rudder antifouled before he turned up. We had a few drinks... Author: Tim Butler

Progress, finally!

Some jobs have been haunting me for weeks, months even. It’s a toss up between sailing or maintenance, and there comes a time when you either  have to drop down tools and just go out, or keep plugging away at the job list and envisage that Caribbean rum at the other end (whilst seeing yachts... Author: Tim Butler


  This will be another quite dry post I apologise. Last year on a windy day in Chichester we got a riding turn on the main halyard which couldn’t be freed. I had no choice but to cut it and get a new one made up. I put another block up and ran my topping... Author: Tim Butler

Do Genoa?

Excalibur is in need of a new Genoa for next years big trip as the current one looks like a dirty hanky. My knowledge of sails so far is quite limited. Yes I can actually sail, but up until now I couldn’t tell you the sail area of my genoa or what cloth weight I... Author: Tim Butler

Oh my god there’s a hole in my deck! Part 3

……not anymore! I/We have finally fixed this issue (pretty much). Trina laid another 10 or so layers of biaxal cloth to fill the void where the plate used to be, so that in itself is now super strong, being solid fibreglass. I’ve added a few more layers of biaxal cloth to the knee. There must be... Author: Tim Butler

Oh my god there’s a hole in my deck! Part 2

I appreciate these posts are as dull as horseshit to some people, but there’s plenty of Halmatic owners out there who may one day face the same issues as I’m having, so I hope these posts will spare some pain. So straight to it. I filleted the edges with a mix of epoxy and west system... Author: Tim Butler