Gosport – Brighton

Now it feels like I’m on my way home writing this post.

Not much of a post this one I’m afraid to say.

Sunday morning we got up at 4:45am to head to Brighton. We really wanted to do a non-stop slog to Dover, but the fickle weather the day before prevented us from departing.

We came out of our berth dead on 5:30am on a quiet dark October morning. Just as we were to set off a fisherman decided to pull out without looking. I slammed us into reverse and held us steady while he took off.  I don’t think he even saw us. It’s quite unbelievable that on a quiet Sunday morning we should be so unfortunate as to have to tussle with a numpty.

We motored all the way. Selsey Bill was quiet. We had our hot water bottles stuffed down our tops, but it was quite warm.

We were treated to a pretty stunning sunrise, which makes getting up on a Sunday morning that bit more rewarding.

A rediscover your day reminder on my phone, reminded me that exactly a year ago we took my folks out for a spin around Beaulieu river. The following day we would have sailed around the Isle of Wight and then moored up in Gosport for the winter. So it was quite fitting to finally be leaving Gosport a year on.

We amused ourselves by watching a music video by Tove Lo that I’d recently discovered, called Disco Tits. Tove Lo is being interviewed by a muppet in a Parkinson 70’s style to begin with. The music video then cuts to the two of them on an all American road trip in a soft top. The rest of the video depicts scenes of a sexual nature between Tove Lo and the muppet. If you’re bored off your tits then I recommend watching Disco Tits, it’s bizarre..

As we closed in on Brighton a fishing boat laying fishing nets closed in on us on our port side. He yelled at us to sod off, which was funny as he was the one inconveniencing us. I guess it’s all subjective depending on which boat you were on. Two dickhead fishermen in one day, what are the chances.

Nothing much more to say. We fueled up, moored up and opened up a bottle of bubbly.

We saw paddy for drinks, then went back to the boat.

Next to Excalibur was another Halmatic!

Geoff on Torvet came for a quick drink, and told us his plans. Geoff had just sailed for 23 hours singlehanded, and was off to the Azores. What a guy! What a nutter! 🙂

So we’re edging closer, week by week!

On Friday night we hope to get to Dover, leaving 2 more weekends before we need to be in St Kats.

Once we’re in Dover I’ll be happy. We really don’t want any long periods of bad weather to come rolling in. I’m praying to the weather gods to be kind. I hope anyone reading this will join me in a quick weather prayer!

The next morning we took a train up to London, and so another week in the office began.


Author: Tim Butler

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