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October 2017

Facebook page and some new improvements

The time has come for Today I bought a boat to have it’s own Facebook page. This way I’m able to do a few funky things, like use Facebook’s instant articles. So if you’re viewing this on your mobile Facebook app you’ll see it loads instantly, and hopefully looks a bit nicer too. I’ve... Author: Tim Butler

Brighton to Dover

Another weekend, another night sail. I wanted to take every opportunity to get Excalibur further along the coast as soon as possible before any October storms rolled in. So we had an ambitious plan of doing a 14 hour sail to Dover, and then head to London for a 70’s themed night in Shepherds Bush... Author: Tim Butler

Gosport – Brighton

Now it feels like I’m on my way home writing this post. Not much of a post this one I’m afraid to say. Sunday morning we got up at 4:45am to head to Brighton. We really wanted to do a non-stop slog to Dover, but the fickle weather the day before prevented us from departing.... Author: Tim Butler

Salcombe – Poole – Lymington – Gosport

The logistics of getting down to Salcombe where we’d left the boat was a bit of a faff. We don’t have a working outboard at the moment and the water taxi’s don’t run late in Salcombe, so as we didn’t have any way to get from the harbour to the boat, so we booked an... Author: Tim Butler

That’s it! We’ve signed up!

On Sunday after a few drinks at home, sat on the couch, slightly inebriated on homemade cocktails we signed up to the ARC 2018. Seemed like a good idea at the time! Signing up to the ARC is like adding a wax seal to a contract between us and Excalibur to take her 4,600 miles from... Author: Tim Butler