Noliday long weekend

Abandoning our two week holiday last week and heading back to work turned out to be the right choice.

The weather last week was rubbish, and the weekend forecast wasn’t much good either. Still, we headed down in the hope of snatching a day sail or carry on finishing up jobs we’d started ready for our August holiday.

Weather aside, driving through the New Forest on our way to Lymington was a pleasant change from Gosport. I’d always prefer dodging wild horses and roaming cows, than Gosportarians any day of the week (sorry Gosport).

We went for a quick walk along the coastal path in 35 knots of winds and driving rain, to admire the nature reserve and see the Needles. We also did a bit of bench epitaph spotting, and gave a toast and said a few good words to those souls who’ve since passed on. RIP Bob who loved to fish here.

The wind didn’t abate and Excalibur’s rigging vibrated at times, and the whole marina was clinking and rattling away.

The next day we headed over to KJ Howells for bits of teak trim and 10p scraps. We’re almost almost done with essential jobs, and what’s left are jobs for sunnier days, so it’s on to woodworking jobs.

Trina spent the weekend fitting bits of trim and covering up unsightly cables from the mast in the heads. She’s also noticed a leak with one of the mast deck cable glands. Two steps forward, one step back!

I’ve started work on making shelves and storage under the bed in the forepeak. I’ve also cut a hole, to store things in under the trot box. I’ve started doing things in cheap plywood which can be used as templates, and will eventually go round and replace them with teak faced marine ply. Another reason for doing this will be to test things out, before cutting up the nice stuff.

It’s an uncomfortable feeling when I think of how much time and money I’ve spent on Excalibur this year, and how little sailing has been done. I feel I should be out sailing, but I also know next year will come round pretty quick, so it’s best not the stress about it and enjoy the journey. So whilst I’m accruing some sort of a sailing debt to Scally, and as each week passes the log book entries remain scant, I’m way into the red with my boat jobs (if that makes any sense). Though saying all this, I’m pretty content when we’re both working away on the boat, with the radio going, the rain beating down on deck, and cups of tea appearing for R4 breaks.

Fingers crossed for more clement weather next weekend.

On another note, here’s a couple of bits I found whilst rooting through some boat docs.

Author: Tim Butler

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