It all starts at the Castle Tavern

Ollie came down late Friday night for the weekend.

Saturday would be boat jobs and/or sailing, perhaps anchoring in Osborne Bay overnight. Sunday we planned to go to Goodwood Festival of Speed thanks to Ollie having free tickets.

I managed to get the Hydrovane rudder antifouled before he turned up.

We had a few drinks in the Castle Tavern til closing time, and then had the choice of either turning right and heading back to the boat for a night cap, or head to the local Wetherspoons for a couple more drinks. We turned left. We should never have turned left. It was inevitable we were going to turn left.

All nights out with Ollie start out with good intentions, and end up in a shit nightclube, cheesy chips and a raging hangover the next day. Once again we frequented Emma’s night club, for reasons unknown. Should have turned right.

Tired and hungover the next day, I announced we’d leave at 3pm, and at least get one or two jobs ticked off the list.


I went up the mast to fit the tri light, whilst OC sunbathed down below. A risky affair considering I was dangling overhead with a hefty rivet gun and drill. Riveting one handed at the top of the mast was a right bugger. With one hand I tried squeezing the rivet gun against my head, but eventually found wrapping one leg around the mast like a pole dancer was more effective, thus freeing up both hands to work the rivet gun. A screw on the electric block broke, *sigh* so it’s a familiar story whereby I nearly finish a job, but not quite. The O ring that secures the light to the base doesn’t twist shut properly either, so that’ll need attention too. Baby steps, it’s all about baby steps.

Ollie fitted the wind gen tail, which I’ll have to respray again as the bright orange isn’t very bright.

Ollie also noticed a bracket that used to fit to the exhaust elbow was about to snap off. Another job.

Having announced we would leave at 5 and it being 6, we canned the idea of going out, took a beer each out of the fridge and did the ‘Oliver Kinchin walk’ (I might start calling it that from now on, until I find a catchier name). The walk involves taking a leisurely walk around the marina drinking beer and admiring other peoples boats or not.

We met an Argentinian who had bought a Nicholson 35 called something of Pompero. Can’t quite remember the name but I’ve been admiring it for some time in the marina.

We also met a Belgium guy who’d done the Arc going over to the St Lucia, and the Arc coming back to the Azores. Him and his crewmate who sported a cracking Leon look with hat and glasses, had just sailed from the Azores to Falmouth and were heading along the coast home. He had a 32 footer and came 2nd out of 15 boats on the way back, only being beaten by a Swan 45.

One last job of the night was refitting/rewiring some speakers in the cockpit. The old copper speaker wire had disintegrated, so we replaced it with tinned wire.

The deck light I fitted last week is super bright and totally recommend it. Also illuminates the heads too.

We both fell asleep to family guy.

The next day we headed to Goodwood, where Ollie spent the entire day schooling me on Ferarri’s and all manner of supercars. So much fun! (thought firework in the day? really?!).

Thanks again OC for hanging out and for a wicked weekend!

Another week passes by. Soon I’ll be out sailing. I have to admit sailing around the Solent doesn’t interest me much at the moment. I really want to get on and explore new places. Can’t wait for my 2 week hols!

Next week (or this week by the time I publish this) I’ll take Excalibur to Chichester as I have a wedding to go to. So Excalibur will get a proper washdown and buffed up Friday morning. Probably about time!


Author: Tim Butler

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