May bank holiday shake down #1

I headed down late Friday night after being subjected a barrage of abuse from a Jeremy Kyle watching chav down the road, who went ape shit after I gently bumped her car whilst getting out of a tight spot.

Ollie and Becki came down for the long weekend, and we had a couple of drinks before getting out heads down. That night thunder and lightening rained down around us illuminating the sky. There’s nothing better than being safely tucked up in a marina as flurrys of torrential rain pour down on the cabin roof!

The next morning we secured the wind gen in place after a bit of toing and froing. Another job done.

After a bit of lunch we were off, our destination, Cowes.

It was great to finally get out. The wind was almost of our nose and made for a bit of an uncomfortable sail. My stomach was a touch quesy. Eventually we got into the medina and headed fo East Cowes. We had a bit of a mare when we were told they were full. I headed for Shepherds, but they weren’t answering. By mistake I called up East Cowes, so asked again and by chance they said they had a space. Half an hour later we were moored up in East Cowes sipping on G&T’s with some new neighbours who had a beautiful Nicholson 31.


We had a good night out in Cowes, and met up with Eric for a quick drink before catching the last water taxi home.


The weather on the Sunday was sun – heavy rain – sun. I got a chance to hang up my Ikea cockpit tent cover. Very much recommend it! £25! We were able to watch people heading out in the pouring rain looking rather sad and miserable from the comfort of dry cockpit whilst drinking a beer 🙂


Trina turned up at 4 after a epic day of travelling with a sprained ankle down the road. There were no taxi’s available being a bank holiday in wighty. I spotted a guy parked up and explained that my gf couldn’t walk and would he mind taking us the marina just down the road. He kindly agreed and we got into the back of his car, expecting to belt up and head off to the marina. That didn’t happen. For about 5 minutes he asked us where we’d come from and what we were up to in a softly spoken manner. We exchanged pleasentries and asked about his dog etc,. After a while we both started to wonder if he was going to take us to the marina, or bury us in his back garden. It took a really long time before he dropped into conversation that he was waiting for his wife, who had a bit of a shock when she got back to the car and saw two strangers in the back!! Anyhow, we made it to the marina unharmed and very grateful for the lift. We spent the evening drinking and eating outside at the lifeboat.

Becki spotted these for sale ads which would quite nicely double as a nautically themed dating ad we felt 😀

The next day we packed up, OC wired up the new stern light as it was looking a bit foggy out there, and off we went.

We celebrated the shakedown with a 13 year old bottle of champagne that tasted like old cider, and then pootled into Wooton Creek for lunch after a bit of debating as to whether we’d have enough water to get in. The motor back to Gosport was pretty eery as the sea was calm and it was quite misty.

Author: Tim Butler

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