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June 2017

Progress, finally!

Some jobs have been haunting me for weeks, months even. It’s a toss up between sailing or maintenance, and there comes a time when you either  have to drop down tools and just go out, or keep plugging away at the job list and envisage that Caribbean rum at the other end (whilst seeing yachts... Author: Tim Butler

Fathers day sail

No surprises as to what this post is about. I haven’t managed to get dad out for a sail since I bought Excalibur, we’ve only motored up the Thames or motored in the rain around Beaulieu. This weekends forecast was sun and light winds. Perfect! I’ve been waiting for a day like this for a... Author: Tim Butler

Chi shake down #2

Another weekend, this time a trip to Chichester and back. The weather was pretty blustery, and getting out of the berth was a close call as wind and tide were not working in our favour. Soon as we got far enough out into the Solent it was time to get the main up. I admit... Author: Tim Butler

May bank holiday shake down #1

I headed down late Friday night after being subjected a barrage of abuse from a Jeremy Kyle watching chav down the road, who went ape shit after I gently bumped her car whilst getting out of a tight spot. Ollie and Becki came down for the long weekend, and we had a couple of drinks... Author: Tim Butler