Wires, water tanks, wind gens and a creationists fossil shop

I took 2 weeks off work to blast through my jobs list and get Excalibur ready for some sailing.

I fitted a new Wema fuel sender and gauge. Sounds easy, but took a few trips, phone calls and deliveries to get a sender with the correct amount of holes.IMG_20170425_171856 Nothing is easy on a boat!

I sat in the heads, filling up buckets of water from the sink tap to work out the size of my water tanks (152 litres)

I labeled up a load of wiring, Trina tidied up a bunch of wiring, OC ripped out a bunch of wiring (in port!)


I attempted to replace the water sender that never worked, and install a water gauge. So often is the case you’ll start a boat job, and it’ll branch out into 5 more jobs, and 2 weeks later all 6 jobs will still appear on the to-do list. I took out the old gauge, which looked friggin disgusting!! Peering into the tank I could see a tank full of brown gunk. Ok me thinks, I’ll use some water tank cleaner. That didn’t work. I’m going to need an inspection hatch so I can get my hands in there and clean it out. Ten minutes after a trip to the chandlery to get a new jig saw blade, I’m off driving around the delights of Gosport to buy a reciprocating saw. An hour or two later I have a plate cut out, one big hole and ten small holes in my water tank. The job goes on for another week. I borrow rivet guns, I buy and return 2 more rivet guns. Turns out riveting 4.8mm monel rivets requires an industrial sized rivet gun. I’m still without water until I’ve riveted the panel over. Oh and after removing heavily glued trim to get the floorboard up completely, I’ve now discovered I already have a inspection hatch. Happy days! TBC


One thing on my list was to get a gantry fitted to the back of the boat (gantry = roll bars with toys on them such as solar panels and wind gens). Turns out I don’t have enough room to fit a gantry and have enough room for my Hydrovane to swing freely. Solution, move wind gen to the other side. Dave trimmed off my wind gen pole and welded a bolt on the bottom. I’ve drilled a hole in the deck, and it now fits neatly on the other side. Savings = £2,500!


The engine got a service, and the Hydrovane had a rudder trim. Must antifoul the Hydrovane in the future!


Hanging around in Gosport isn’t all work and no play. We did find a lovely fossil shop, which turned out to be the first fossil shop I’ve been in that’s run by creationists (which we didn’t realise until we got to the DVD section..)

I also had a pretty epic night out in Portsmouths Tiger Tiger with OC….

Author: Tim Butler

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