Oh my god there’s a hole in my deck! Part 3

……not anymore!

I/We have finally fixed this issue (pretty much).

Trina laid another 10 or so layers of biaxal cloth to fill the void where the plate used to be, so that in itself is now super strong, being solid fibreglass.

I’ve added a few more layers of biaxal cloth to the knee. There must be around 8 layers of cloth epoxied in, needless to say its seriously solid now.

I had a moment of panic when I started to doubt the work I’d done, so lucky for me Yacht Care Plus kindly came over to the boat and checked out my work. He reassured me that I’d done the right thing, and that the wooden knee I had made was overkill, and that the strength doesn’t come from the thickness of the knee. For my first attempt he gave me a positive thumbs up.

My next job was to find a stainless steel guy to make up some brackets. Whilst chatting to Jerry the Rigger, by sheer chance a customer told me to go see Dave Goodwin on a boat in another marina. So off I went with OC to go find a guy on a boat names after his lady. Well I can wholeheartedly recommend Dave from Stainless Marine Fabrications I thoroughly recommend him to anyone that needs any stainless steel made up (I would call instead of email btw). His workshop is tucked away behind some industrial units, it smells of oil and toil, proper old school stuff. Dave started work as an apprentice at the age of 16, so it’s fair to say he knows his stuff.

Dave made up two brackets, and my rookie mistake came back to haunt me when I had to carve out some of the knee to recess them in, as there wasn’t enough room to attach the nuts to the u-bolt. Yes it is a thing of beauty!

The next step was to apply flowcoat to the deck. Flowcoat is a paint that comes with a wax additive, that once applied the wax rises to the top and seals the paint, which cures it and becomes hard. Unfortunately it transpires that it must have been too cold, as 3 weeks on and it’s still sticky to the touch. I got some more advice, and will use acetone to wipe away all the sticky stuff, and then reapply a thin layer on a warm day.


IMG_20170415_190735I had a lucky score with the chandlery and picked up a vintage looking rig tensioner that was £70 cheaper than force4! Using the device is easy, and I’m confident that after attaching the outer shroud it’s now tensioned correctly.


The result now is a more than solid repair. I haven’t colour matched the flowcoat, and may consider painting the deck white in the future.

Author: Tim Butler

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