Decided to leave St Katharine Docks

I think this warrants a special post, as it’s quite a monumental step into the unknown for me. In years to come I’d like to look back on this post and remind myself of what it felt like to be at the start the next chapter of a new adventure. Sounds dramatic I know!

I received word that my berth had been moved into the darkest corner of the marina whilst I was in Ipswich having a lift out. No natural daylight has seen that corner of the marina since the first edition of the doomsday book. Not only does it resemble a broom cupboard, its a tough space to get in and out of with a boat that has the manoeuvrability of a hippo on crutches. Needless to say, having to pay a years berthing fees and being moved around the marina without prior consultation gave me the hump!

First off I complained, and was told they’d see what they could do. Over the following 24 hours I started to think “why bother going back? maybe now’s the time”. The next morning I fired off an email saying I wouldn’t be back. Bosh! Over!

Sadly I didn’t realise that the last time I left the St Kats, would be the last time. Had I known, I would have soaked up my final minutes and hours at the time, and reflected on my time spent there. But hey ho! Onwards and upwards.

This is the kick up the ass I needed to be honest. The boat probably needs another season before its ready to go further afield, so I’ve made a loose plan to make my way down to Falmouth at a leisurely pace for now.

Excalibur needs a gantry, solar panels and the Hydrovane fitted, the genoa track refitted on the port side, and the chain plates strengthened around the midship. With those jobs done I would be happy to swing over to Spain.

I feel incredible lucky to have spent roughly 4/5 years in the heart of London living on a bloody boat, and having some fantastic neighbours who have become lifelong friends (I hope)!

One thing about living on a boat is the story you’ll have to recount a 1000 times, “how did you come to live on a boat”. I won’t go into the whole story as it can be read here. Though the butterfly effect is real, and tracing back the actions from the past can be truly fascinating. I’ll have to get Ben to remind me how he first came to meet Steph again 🙂

There was never a dull moment in the marina. I wish I could remember all the funny stories. I’ve put a few of them in this post.

So for now I’m in Ramsgate, Next stop with be Dover, Brighton and then on to the Solent and so on. For all those seasoned sailors out there this may not sound like much to write home about, but soon I’ll be in new territory and quite frankly I find that bloody exciting 🙂

“Home port sir?” Harbour master

“I don’t have one!” *knuckles*

Bub-bye St Kats, gonna miss ya!

…and now for something completely different!

Author: Tim Butler

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