Today my Exhaust Riser/Mixing Elbow sheered off

Today was going to be a good day!

I was taking Excalibur out for her first voyage of the year, yes pitiful I know! But I’ve had a lot on.

I had a new crew member on board! and my neighbour was taking his boat out as well for a pootle.

Eager to get Excalibur out without rushing, I gentley manhandled Scally out and then jumped on.

As soon as I started to go astern the engine sounded like a tractor, and the bilge pump started pumping out water. I managed to get back in and Dan and friends helped with my lines.

Here’s the culprit.



media-20150709 (1)

Pretty annoying as I had a section x-rayed, chopped and replaced last year.

We still had a good little pootle up the thames, but not with Excalibur.





Author: Tim Butler

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