Day 75 – Brighton to Dover

Another early start. I planned to leave at 6am, low water was at 7:09.

It’s a fair way to Dover and I had worked out that I would fight a bit of tide as I arrived at Dover. The tide can be reasonably strong on a Spring tide around Dover, so leaving on time was my upmost priority.

The weather forecast wasn’t great, mostly on the nose or forward of the beam, but it was time to go and I had a contract up in London to start so time was not a luxury I couldn’t afford.

It was a calm morning dry morning. I decided to let go all the warps and walk Excalibur back out of her berth, and feed her around so she would be going astern in the right direction. I took off the warps and she was surprisingly steady. I then started to move her out of the berth, but then she stopped half way out. We were grounded, In the marina! I wanted to leave just before low tide, it was apparent that wasn’t going to happen!

Calling up the marina was pretty futile, their response was that there are signs warning of silting, my reply to that was that I expected to be able to at least get out of my berth!!

So I sat in the cockpit with a mug of baked beans and a sausage. Alan Partridge style, watching was small fishing boats maneuver around me and head out to sea.

I finally got out at 7am. Hardly a breath of wind, but it was a crisp sunny morning and I was finally heading home which was starting to feel pretty comforting.

IMG_20140909_070702 IMG_20140909_071043 IMG_20140909_071847 IMG_20140909_071925 IMG_20140909_074210 IMG_20140909_074628 IMG_20140909_080737

Beachy Head was asleep, and we bobbed along without the faintest clue of what it would be like on a bad day.

IMG_20140909_082748 IMG_20140909_084819 IMG_20140909_091855

Dungeness looked bleak and uninviting as ever, the Nuclear power station stayed with me for a LONG time as the tide started to turn as I closed in on Dover.

Me and Teddy who has no name had a bit of a splash around…



…we were treated to another glorious sunset…



Today was a supermoon and while not easy to capture on my phone, it was a pretty awesome sight being out on the water with an uninterrupted view of the moon.

IMG_20140909_193157 IMG_20140909_193337

I finally arrived at 21:00 and took an easy berth. I had some radio problems and just took the one that looks like a doddle to get into.

Dover is my absolute nemesis from previous exploites, so I was thankful she played nicely today.

Trip Stats
Miles: 65
Total Miles: 601
Author: Tim Butler

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