Day 65 – Fecamp (second visit)

My plan for today was to prepare the boat ready to cross straight over to Brighton the next day. The trip would be my longest solo trip to date, and though it wouldn’t be noted down in history it was going to be a little milestone for me.

The day consisted of buying fuel, food, trip planning and resting if at all possible.

The key to any long passage is to have enough sugar to turn a elephant into a diabetic, and this trip was no exception. Plan for the worst and hope for the best don’t they say!


There were some fierce looking clouds and it dumped a load of rain on me in the morning…


I couldn’t be bothered to move the boat, so took a jerry can to the fuel pontoon and filled up with £20 of diesel. In the afternoon I went back with another jerry can, but this time my card wouldn’t work. I took out my other card and used that instead. Thinking I must have missed a credit card payment I called up the bank and was told 600 euros had been debited from my card this morning for fuel!!!! I immediately told them to cancel it but it was too late, and explained that 20 liters of fuel does not add up to 600 euros!! They would investigate, but right now nothing was conclusive. My brain raced along, trying to think if I had replaced the fuel nosil, whether the fisherman behind me rinsed my account dry! I then asked about my second fuel payment, turned out another 600 euros had been taken out!!!! Needless to say beads of sweat were starting to drip down my face at the prospect of being £1,000 down!! So I debated whether to speak to the marina, or to let the banks argue it out with them, maybe I hadn’t put the nosil back in the diesel pump and this was a common scam and I would be best to not get involved. Finally I went into the marina office to tell them what had happened. A young very cheerful chap explained that the fuel company takes out 600 euro’s as a deposit on British and Dutch banks, and then returns the remainder the next day or day after. This didn’t help me! so £1,000 down for two days hurt, a lot!

The offending fuel pump!

I had a quick walk around town, but didn’t have time to go into the Benedictine Abbey where the monks make their herbal beverage. The outside is pretty boss though!









As I was passing along the quay wall I spotted another Halmatic 30!! Well it’s a small world, I went down to investigate! Turns out the boat Polykara is owned by Patrick and Liz, they were stranded in Fecamp with engine problems waiting to get it fixed. We had a beer and arranged to have dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Evening soon came and we had a really nice dinner and chat, and by the end of the night I had decided to sneak away the next morning with Henry their dog! I’ve never come across an airedale before, but now I want one!!

Trip Stats
Miles: 0
Total Miles: 469
Author: Tim Butler

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  • Reply Liz February 27, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    I was frantically reading to see if we got a mention and…..Yey!! Henry says woof! xxx

  • Reply todayiboughtaboat March 2, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    Ha! I have some pictures of Henry, but I couldn’t remember which country they were taken in haha say WOOF to Henry for me 😀 xxx

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