Day 64 – Honfleur to Fecamp (take two!)

Well I won’t bore you with my pre-departure routine, but it was pretty much the same as the day before. Only this time I had everything I could possibly need in the cockpit lockers, close to hand.

I went through the lock as before and headed out along the River Seine. The conditions where much better, a little bumpy but nothing compared to the day before. The wind was acceptable so I went for it.

The traffic was pretty light and crossing the entrance to Le Harve was a doddle.


The coastline along that stretch is really nice and timeless.

I had a beautiful sunset with some amazing cloud formations that reminded me of The Orb’s – Little fluffy clouds







The evening was magical, I could see Fecamp approaching as darkness approached. It’s very comforting to see your destination as the light goes. I pottered along with Alfred the auotopilot doing his thing, headphones on listening to First Aid.

I cracked open a couple of beers before we approached the entrance, Excalibur, Alfred and me.




As I crept in I noticed my spot from a month before was free. I picked up my usual spot on the end of a hammerhead, tied up and went to bed satisfied.

Trip Stats
Miles: 38
Total Miles: 469
Author: Tim Butler

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