Day 47 – 49 of Summer Trip 2014 – Honfleur

Honfleur is insanely beautiful and picturesque. I would strongly recommend Honfleur as a place to visit by boat, or even by ferry (Portsmouth to Le Harve and then a bus ride).








We had a good night out on the Friday night. I opted for a Seafood feast.


and then we went on to the only bar/pub for some live music, perhaps karaoke, I was way too drunk by this time, which led me to befriend a couple and their Collie which I now vaguely remember letting him lick me all over my face. I’ve told Ben that in future he should really try to stop me from kissing dogs on a night out.

Well I must have had a good night out. I woke up next to Ben, with vomit down the side of the boat (a drunken preventative measure to stop people rafting up the next day I’m sure) and broken glass over the cockpit. I’m not sure the seafood platter agreed with me.

Anyway, the foods great in Honfleur and every restaurant looks amazing!


The Boulangeries do the freshest bread at prices that make Waitrose back home look like outright fraudsters!


After two weeks in France Ben had acquired all the necessary camouflage to pass off as a Frenchman.


Honfleur managed to escape the bombings in WWII, unlike Le Harve across the River Seine. Over the years Honfleur has been home to many artists and there is an abundance of art galleries.



This is a view from where the boat was moored up. Just beautiful.


Eventually it was time for Ben to head back to work, or more holidays. One can never really keep up with Ben nowadays. I struggle to know which country he’s Whatsapp-ing me from…

He awoke on his last day to a fresh jam doughnut and a cuppa tea. That’s how we roll! Classy!


A bus to Le Harve and then a ferry to Portsmouth, a train to Victoria station and then a tube to Hainault. Bosh! Ben was home.

I took a walk to the beach, that was my day. Sorry Ben. The beach is only a 15 minute walk away, not the nicest view of an industrial Le Harve, but a beach nonetheless. Uncanny resemblance to Queenborough…




I’m still cooking using the portable BBQ. I bought a new gas canister as I noticed the one from Fecamp had a dodgy seal, but I could still smell gas even with the new bottle. 🙁 Still, its a great little BBQ and cooking in the cockpit with a nice view isn’t bad. I just have to contend with gobby tourists yelling down smart arse remarks. I wish I could track down some of these guys, and when they’re sat down in their living room, just stick my head through the window and shout BON APPETIT!!!!


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Total Miles: 421
Author: Tim Butler

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