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July 2014

Day 22 – 28 of Summer Trip 2014 – Brightlingsea

Well I didn’t realise that I wouldn’t have electricity, or water on the pontoons in Brightlingsea. Rookie mistake. I’m back to living like a bloody Victorian! The romanticism I may feel about living off the grid would be fine if I wasn’t in Brightlingsea. When you ask anyone what there is to do in Brightlingsea,... Author: Tim Butler

Day 15 of Summer Trip 2014 – Final tidy up!

First night back on the water, glorious! I had intended on leaving today, but I felt I didn’t need the rush so decided to stay one more night. Call it nerves, call me Captain Sensible (or lazy) but I prefer not to rush. The extra time allowed me to formulate a plan, which is a turn... Author: Tim Butler