Day 45 of Summer Trip 2014 – Caen to Honfleur

We didn’t stay very long in Caen, I can’t remember why but we left the next morning.

For our 8:45am departure Ben ceremonially put on what is now Excalibur’s theme tune, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Commando theme tune. Another lovely sunny day, we departed along with 4 other boats and took up the rear.




We once again went under Pegasus Bridge.




and eventually got to the lock outside the marina that’s the gateway to the outside world, along with an armada of assorted floating vessels all wishing to get out on the same lock-out.

Momentarily we rafted up outside the lock by the fuel pontoon, then as the lock opened we joined the bum fight to get in. Getting into a lock in this scenario is akin to joining a traffic jam on a motorway from a slip road, we all lurch forward pretending not to notice the person next to you trying to squeeze in.

I took it slowly, but had a boat behind me (who I had a casual conversation with in Caen) verbally try to push me on, to which he got no reply. I thought it would be best to let the boat I was going to raft up to in the lock sort themselves out before coming alongside. We rafted up without any issues, but you did feel like cattle being squeezed into a tight space. Mr Impatient got no more of my time.



The lock was packed out in the most inefficient way possible, unsurprisingly.

We left the lock and pretty much turning right.


There was hardly any wind, so at 2.5 knots we got the fishing rod out, and at the same time Ben dived in for a swim (at a safe distance from the fishing rod)

Silly times ensued, and the solar shower came out, and a couple of beers.








As we closed in on the River Seine the wind picked up and we got a bit of a sail going on.



We arrived outside the lock to Honfleur where I nearly fainted after getting a response on the VHF! After a short wait we headed in.

Every lock here seems to be different and this was no exception. We tied up like a ninja once again. This lock has a floating cleat on a track. Along with a camera frenzy audience to add to the experience.


Once out we had a very quick debate as to whether to into the main marina in the square which we had been warned can be an all out bumfight/gold fish bowl, or tie up on the pontoon outside the town square near the park. Tom Cunliffe had described this outer pontoon as a favourite spot for the local drunks. Without much chat we decided to stay outside the town square. We made the right choice, and if anyone’s reading this, I urge you to do the same.

As we moored up, people lined the wall, peering over snapping away like it was the first and last boat they would ever see again.

So our journey started at 8:45 and finished at 14:49 (apparently, I think it was a bit later than this).

We found a tea shop. When in Rome.




We bought hats, to blend in.



and we had a feast, which was not photographed.

Trip Stats
Miles: 43
Total Miles: 421
Author: Tim Butler

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    Bum fight?

    BUN fight!

    Bum fight something VERY different!

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