Day 43 of Summer Trip 2014 – Ouistreham

If you like having a true British experience abroad, Ouistreham is the place. There’s a direct ferry from Portsmouth, so it feels like being back in blighty..

Ben went for a haircut whilst I took a trek to a Carrefour, a 30 minute walk out of town to try and find a gas regulator.

I came back with a gas regulator, some flippy floppy’s and a beach parasol. When we were moored up in Bolougne all the other boats had expensive tent like structures to shade them from the baking sun. I believe my new parasol is more versatile, though possibly a bit garish, like my cheapo flippy floppy’s …


Ouistreham was one of the locations in the D-Day landings (Sword Beach) where British and French troops fought their way through the German defenses, and onto Pegasus Bridge. We visited the No 4 Commando Museum.

I might have got carried away in a warehouse full of wine..


What can I say, Ouistreham for me is a one time visit kind of place. The beach was nice and there were more museums we could have visited, but it wasn’t anything spectacular I’m afraid to say.

Trip Stats
Miles: 0
Total Miles: 354
Author: Tim Butler

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