Day 39 of Summer Trip 2014 – Dieppe to Fecamp

Well this must have been a epic trip as I cant seem to find any pictures! Only some GoPro footage




We left at 11:20 and arrived at 17:30. We managed a good sail that I do remember.

The logbook notes read:

  • Left Dieppe
  • Sunny sail beam reach
  • Timmy had a sleep
  • Arrived. Spilt beer on logbook (Pauliner)

The pilotage plan was thrown out the window. Sailing along the French coast is pretty straight forward. Ben and I had a quick discussion before we left, “So we turn left and follow the coast for 6 hours” That was about it.

We were overtaken by one yacht on the trip, even though he was a bit bigger we kept him in view for most of the trip.

When we arrived, we spotted the boat that had overtaken us. As there were no free pontoons we asked to raft up to the boat, and a Belgian couple kindly helped us raft up next to them.

After a few pleasantries we cracked open a beer and relaxed in the evening sun. The Belgian couple decided to jump in and cool off in the marina. One thing that the Brits don’t do is nudity. The Belgians relish in it, at least skipper did. With Ben’s back to their boat, I said to Ben “oh whats that??” pointing behind him. As Ben turned around, the naked Belgian dude was picking up something off the cockpit floor with his back to us stark naked. Ben had a lovely view of his hanging baskets and his Belgian glory hole. I’m not sure if Ben is still having nightmares, though he did scream in his sleep that night

Trip Stats
Miles: 34
Total Miles: 313
Summer trip total expenditure £1944.00
Author: Tim Butler

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