Day 37 of Summer Trip 2014 – Boulogne to Dieppe

After yesterdays trial and error, the weather had simmered down and it turned out to be the better day to head out.

Our neighbours who were rafted up to us told us the night before they’d be leaving at 7am. We all got up around 5:30am. Our neighbours were pretty surprised to see us up, and quickly untied from us and left.

We managed to sail all the way to Dieppe which was very satisfying. I really need to learn how to pole out, as the genoa flapped around a lot. I had a quick go but we were rolling around and I wasn’t sure if the pole should clip into the eye of the genoa or onto the sheet. It really didn’t matter as I need a couple more ropes anyway to keep the spinnaker pole in position.

We all did our turn helming, and only the skipper gybed the boat once, clever me (what can I say the wind veered erratically, nothing to do with my helming honest). I’ll fit preventers soon.


Our sedate journey listening to a french station playing classical music took its toll on all of us. It’s a thugs life, I mean hard life.





As Ben works for Coke Excalibur has inadvertently turned into a Coke sponsored boat. I’m just waiting for all the advertising royalties to come in so Excalibur can have a new radar fitted.


The approach was a bit uncomfortable as described in the pilot book should you have a northerly wind.



We arrived at 18:45.

Typically no one answered the VHF as we came into the marina. However, one member of staff kindly motioned us to a berth which I rammed at full ramming speed. I didn’t realise how short the berth was to be honest. After a couple minutes we realised the lovely young lady had put us at the filthy end of a pontoon used for fishing boats, which also had the worlds most squeakiest, grinding ladder which was threatening to keep us up all night.

I managed to get a better spot on the visitors pontoon which there were saving for some larger boats.


Oh and a little tip for anyone reading this who hasn’t been to Dieppe before, bring your ships papers to the marina office on your first visit, it’s a long way from the marina if you forget them. Fortunately I read in the pilot book Dieppe required your ships papers on arrival 🙂 Just call me smarty pants!

Trip Stats
Miles: 58
Total Miles: 279
Marina fees £22.53
Summer trip total expenditure £1859.37
Author: Tim Butler

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