Day 30 of Summer Trip 2014 – Ramsgate to Dover

Only a short hop today.

High water was at 10:02 and we departed at 10:25.

The wind was still blowing from the south and was between 25-30 knots. The route takes you through Goodwin Sands, a notorious stretch of water where many people have been shipwrecked over the years and lost their lives, to read a bit more about the history take a look here. Fortunately for us it was a sunny day, and we stayed well inside the buoyed channel. Excalibur slammed through some spectacular short choppy waves for a few hours until we reached Dover.


GOPR0093 GOPR0095

We radioed up Dover and entered through the eastern entrance which the ferries use.

The marina gave me a berth which turned out to be the berth from hell for poor old Excalibur. I’ll construct another diagram to show you my woes. I now know Excalibur a bit more now, and in the future I’ll take any berth that takes my fancy, rather than do the ‘oh shit’ dance.


Trip Stats
Miles: 17
Total Miles: 191
Chandlery 35.40
Lunch £22.20
Marina fees £24.57
Summer trip total expenditure £1549.59
Author: Tim Butler

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