Day 29 of Summer Trip 2014 – Brightlingsea to Ramsgate

The first order of the day was to retrieve a halyard that had made itself up to the top of the mast with the help of his skipper, but not before waking Ruth who had had a very long drive from Croatia to London 36 hours ago.

IMG_20140714_170144 IMG_20140714_180325 IMG_20140714_180335

High water was at 15:31. We departed 3 hours before high water at 12:30.

The planned route was to head through the Wallet Spitway to Swin Spitway, down to SW Barrow and onto SE Mouse, around the Shivering Sands Towers and head back east along the Princes Channel. The route wasn’t the most direct, but it was a comfortable and familiar passage, with Queenborough as an out should the weather turn or if Ruth was seasick. None of those two things happened.

I had previously thought about stopping at Queenborough and cutting the trip in half, but it was warm and sunny and there was no reason to add an extra day to the trip.

With very little wind we motored the majority of the way.

IMG_20140715_154151 IMG_20140715_154215 IMG_20140715_160215 IMG_20140715_164815 IMG_20140715_171941 IMG_20140715_151152 IMG_20140715_182358 IMG_20140715_182650 IMG_20140715_184030

The tides turned from east to west, taking us around North Foreland and down to Ramsgate perfectly.

The serene voyage soon degraded as we rounded North Foreland as the wind picked up to 30 knots from the South. A bit of a chop had formed with wind against tide to add a bit of drama to what was otherwise an almost Caribbean blue sea. We reefed, harnessed and put the washboards in, but nothing gave us any bother. We were 2 miles off land as suggested, and the seas calmed down as we approached the harbour entrance. Which was nice.

We arrived in Ramsgate at 21:15, 8 1/2 hours later.

Trip Stats
Miles: 49
Total Miles: 174
Marina fees £26.00
Summer trip total expenditure £1467.42
Author: Tim Butler

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