Day 15 of Summer Trip 2014 – Final tidy up!

First night back on the water, glorious!

I had intended on leaving today, but I felt I didn’t need the rush so decided to stay one more night. Call it nerves, call me Captain Sensible (or lazy) but I prefer not to rush.

The extra time allowed me to formulate a plan, which is a turn up for the books as up until now I haven’t really had one! So, the plan. I’m leaving tomorrow for an exotic destination known as Queenborough. I will take a leisurely pootle up the Medway towards the Estuary, and at the same time test a few bits and pieces out on the boat.

Now I’ve got to pick up a swinging mooring buoy on my own. Picking up a swinging mooring has been the primary reason for divorce between sailing couples since leisure sailing began. The process involves one person at the helm (normally the skipper), and his wife dangling over the edge of the bow with a line, trying to thread it through a hoop on a buoy, simultaneously directing the skipper left or right, forward or back, and trying not to fall in. Meanwhile the skipper misses the buoy about a dozen times, gets angry, flustered and blames it all on the wife. I have to somehow aim the boat at a floating buoy, take a line, lean over the side and thread it through. My tactic will be to take a line from the bow and bring it back to the midship, and halve the distance between myself and the buoy. Excalibur is a lovely boat but she’ll never turn back and save me if I fall in, she’s not Kit, and I’m not David Hasselhoff, so I’ll have my PLB (Personal Life Beacon) and a couple of flares in a waterproof bag on me just to be on the safe side.

Thursday morning around 6am I’m going to head to Burnham-on-crouch which is about 7-8 hours away. Over the weekend I’ll explore a little bit of the river Crouch, and perhaps go to North Fambridge. Funnily enough when I spoke to the North Fambridge marina, the guy recognised Excalibur! Very eery thing to be exploring places that Excalibur has already been to!

Trip Stats
Miles: 0
Total Miles: 50
1 nights marina fee £26.50
Groceries £23.42
Summer trip total expenditure £916.62
Author: Tim Butler

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