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June 2014

Day 3 of Summer Trip 2014 – Work continues

Not too much to say today. PSI have finished off the last of the work they needed to do today. I now have NavTex which is like teletext for sailors but without the terrible music. NavTex will display abbreviated weather information and  navigation warnings, which are broadcasted from coastal stations. Having NavTex is not essential,... Author: Tim Butler

Food supplies – Summer Trip 2014

One way I thought would help me budget for the trip ahead is to start stocking up on food before I left. Should I I run short of cash, or find myself on an anchorage or a long way from a supermarket I’ll have enough reserves to keep me well fed. Victualing for a trip... Author: Tim Butler

June update

Nearly 7 months have passed since arriving in St Katharine Docks and its amazing how quickly time flies! The cold nights are well and truly over and the marina is a hive of activity! Boat Jobs I’ve been preoccupying myself with a variety of boat jobs over the winter and into what is now the... Author: Tim Butler

Summer Trip 2014

1 week left on my contract… My plan is to take Excalibur out for the next 2-3 months depending on how far my money goes. My plan is to cut my teeth on Excalibur and really feel confident as a skipper. Crewing is a great way to gain experience, but it’s only when you take... Author: Tim Butler