Day 13 of Summer Trip 2014 – Seals

No not that kind of seal, this kind of seal!

Another riveting post! Today I put the neoprene seals on the underside of my locker lids, so now my cockpit should be completely watertight (providing the washboards are in place). It’s a small but satisfying job.

IMG_20140629_150509 IMG_20140629_152258

In the afternoon I did my laundry (no washing machines or tumble dryers on Excalibur I’m afraid to say). Laundry rooms in Marinas tend to also double up as the local library, and Chatham marina is no exception.


The washing machine and dryers are totally retro here! They remind me of some old school Atari game system, with cartridges and joysticks! Oh those were the days!

IMG_20140629_165027 IMG_20140629_164856

In the evening I tidied up the boat ready for tomorrows lift back in the water scheduled for 13:30, and cooked a basque-style fish stew. Recipe can be found here


Not much else to report to be honest. Am I feeling a bit hesitant or a bit nervous about tomorrow? yes, tomorrow will be the first time I’ve maneuvered the boat on my own…all the of the conversations with people about my plans shall finally kick into action tomorrow, eek! Big deal for me! Give it a week or two and I’m sure I’ll look back and laugh at this post!

Trip Stats
Miles: 0
Total Miles: 50
Groceries £10.92
Summer trip total expenditure £308.87
Author: Tim Butler

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