Day 12 of Summer Trip 2014 – Armed services day

Today I went out to Anglers Den which is a good 40/50 minute walk from Chatham marina, to buy a rod holder and a fillet knife.

On my way back I stumbled across the Armed Forces Day, so I took a look round, watched the marching band and various regiments parade. I left pretty soon after a service began. I have mixed feelings about watching kids engaging with armed forces in a way that makes it look like fun and games. What can I say, I’m probably half hippie half realist.

In the eveing I sampled the delights of Villagio, a taste of Italy in a retail park. With true sense of British spirit I didn’t complain that the tomato sauce tasted like tinned spaghetti hoop sauce. I won’t be heading back there soon, definitely not in this lifetime!

I should be conserving money rather than spending it eating out, but my excuse is that everything is so much more of a hassle when you’re living on the hard, like washing up, not using the fridge etc. So for now I’m cutting myself some slack and eating out a fair bit, that’ll change once I get to somewhere that has a proper supermarket and I can start using my fridge again.

Looking ahead I’m going to start to keep a tabs on the weather situation and also my barometer, really just to get a feel for what’s going on, and what kind of sailing conditions I can expect leading up to my departure. I’ve started to follow this guy who produces short weather forecasts.

Trip Stats
Miles: 0
Total Miles: 50
Dinner out £10.95
Summer trip total expenditure £297.95
Author: Tim Butler

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