Day 10 of Summer Trip 2014 – Polishing the topsides

I heard this song on Radio 6 today. Listen to the lyrics, love it! I couldn’t agree more with this fellow Frank Turner!

So today I cracked on cleaning and polishing the topsides.

I had a “what are the chances of that” moment today when I was chatting to a guy who was anti-fouling his boat next to mine. It transpired that Dean works at The Guardian, and on the same floor that I’ve been working on before I left for this trip. It’s a small world!!

So back to cleaning up the topsides. I started off using a rag and a cutting compound called G6 Rapid Grade Paste Compound to remove some real stuck on grime. It’s worth noting that if  you repeatedly use this stuff you can eventually work through your GRP so caution is advised 😉


To polish off Dean kindly gave me a microfibre cloth and a bottle of Marine Professional Ultimate UV Wax Polish to finish off the topsides. Similar to car polish, you smear it on and leave it  for a moment to dry and haze, and then buff off. The results were better than before but the topsides look a bit patchy from the earlier G6 buff up with a rag, an electric buffer would have given an more even treatment perhaps.


IMG_20140626_111909 IMG_20140626_130418 IMG_20140626_130435 IMG_20140626_161741 IMG_20140626_162438

Anyway not much else to say today. It’s raining as I write this so I got the job done just in time. More rain forecasted for the weekend so I might take some time off working on the boat, or continue sanding and varnishing the interior. Shall probably continue sanding and varnishing the interior…

Trip Stats
Miles: 0
Total Miles: 50
Groceries for breakfast dinner and beers! £3.31
Summer trip total expenditure £243.15


Author: Tim Butler

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