Day 9 of Summer Trip 2014 – Oh Sandy!

No not that sandy! This sandy..


Today job was to sand the inside of the cockpit locker lids, varnish and eventually use those neoprene seals to ensure the lockers are as watertight as possible.

Here’s some pretty pictures of the amazing transformation.


The only problem with Sandy (my Bosche sander is called Sandy), is once she starts she can’t stop, and after sanding the locker lids I got a bit carried away and started sanding the companion way which was not on the days to-do list. Thirty minutes later I had stripped back the inside of the companion way and  covered the entire inside of the boat with a thin layer of wood dust.

IMG_20140625_145309 IMG_20140625_164745

I didn’t get anything else done today.

I’m getting my stern gland repacked and the replaced exhaust elbow fitted on Friday, so things are getting real!!

This evening I had a moment of frugalness and used up some leftover veg and made a meat-free meal! shocking! I wouldn’t normally make a vegetarian meal willingly, but saving money is now top priority. Once my holiday money has gone I’ll be back to working in a office, so I’ll eat as many meat free meals as it takes to prolong this hiatus from the 9-5. Though saying that I did have a Nando’s yesterday…


Trip Stats
Miles: 0
Total Miles: 50
Groceries for breakfast £3.31
Summer trip total expenditure £228.56


Author: Tim Butler

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