Day 7 of Summer Trip 2014 – Winch service

Monday mornings are very different now, no need to dread the 8:30am alarm clock, I think I’m actually getting up earlier now than when I was working.

I’d like to kid myself that today has been a busy day with lots of jobs checked off my to-do list, but its so bloody hot it just saps the energy out of you.

The marina staff very kindly have lent me a extension cable so I have power! The fridge sounds like it’s working but after reading up on keel cooled fridges I’m keeping it off as it’s not wise to run them out of the water, at least I can boil a kettle like everyone else now though!

I did at least service all 3 winches in the cockpit, its a messy job. Over time the winches pick up grit and dirt and need to be dismantled, de-greased, cleaned, oiled and greased up again.

De-greasing winch parts is done by dipping them in a tub of diesel and using a toothbrush to clean them all up. Basically diesel, old grease and grime gets everywhere, tiny little springs crucial to the assembly of the winches ping off in all directions and much time is spent hunting the little b*stards down. All in all it’s an awful job but once reassembled, the chitter chatter of the winches turning is a pleasing sound, and will prolong the life of the winch and your back when the time comes to use them.


Here’s a video that will only be interesting to a small minority of readers..

I made some new friends today! I met a couple who are working to get their newly acquired Contessa 32 ready for a trip to the Caribbean, or the Med, or Cape Horn, they don’t have any firm plans yet, but they’re bound for a big adventure very soon, love it, the girlfriend started sailing only last summer, girls got spirit!  It’s a bit of a novelty to find anyone in this game under the aim of 80 🙂 (kidding) not that it matters, you can learn a lot from an old salt, but it’s nice to meet people around your own age once in a while. I’ll be having some beers with these guys over the weekend for sure. It’s a quiet existence at the moment so very much looking forward to a few pints. Thank you Excalibur, just like Oliver said, if you have a nice boat people will come talk to you. So true!


Trip Stats
Miles: 0
Total Miles: 50
Groceries for lunch £9.38
Summer trip total expenditure £210.26
Author: Tim Butler

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    Look at you and your many winches!

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