Day 6 of Summer Trip 2014 – Timmy’s day of rest

It’s been a blistering hot day today, so not much really happened.

I soaked my sheets overnight (sheets being ropes not bed sheets to the non-boaty readers) in a bucket of warm water with a bit of detergent, in the hope that it’ll soften the rope as they’ve become stiff with salt over time. I’ve also started doing the same with the main sheet too (which is not my primary bed sheet..).



The only other task on my days itinerary was to take a trip to a petrol station. I’ll want to start using my outboard (a little wee motor used to propel a tender…dingy) soon, which runs on petrol and today seemed like a good day to go get some. Google maps decided to take me to the entrance of Chatham’s Historic Dockyards which is a maritime museum on part of the site of the former royal/naval dockyard. On closer inspection the price of entry was £18.50, over four times the price of my petroleum refill. Not wishing to blow my budget for the day I followed Google maps second suggested route around the entrance, only to find you could simply walk around the building and into the dockyard. I had a wander around a big shed housing RNLI rescue boats through the ages. Although I avoided paying the entrance fee, it did remind that I should really become a RNLI member, so after writing this post I’ll get that sorted!

I eventually made it to the petrol station, filled up and went back to the boat. I also picked up a frisbee and bat and ball for beach times. Right now frisbee on my own is a bit of a tiresome game I’ll be honest, but once I’m back in the water and I start having visitors that £2.50 professionally weighted frisbee is really going to come into its own. 


I forgot to mention that the fridge stopped working today. I noticed in the evening that the cabin lights seemed a bit dim. Checking the battery monitor indicated the house batteries were fine, but when I checked my engine battery levels they were very low. When I turned off the house battery isolator switch the engine battery level voltage shot up. Either my battery monitor has been wired up the wrong way round or something strange is going on. So I’m now living like a bloody Victorian. I’m boiling kettles on a stove for hot water (no tin baths on Excalibur, this is primarily for tea making), using an outside portaloo, and reading books by L.E.D camping light, just like the Victorians. Who said life on a boat isn’t glamorous! So to celebrate this transition from office worker to Jesse from the fast show

I made this….enjoy 🙂



Trip Stats
Miles: 0
Total Miles: 50
Groceries for lunch and dinner £9.38
Petrol for outboard £6.56
Professional frisbee and bat'n'ball £6.00
Summer trip total expenditure £200.88
Author: Tim Butler

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