Day 4 of Summer Trip 2014 – Antifoul preparation

Today I recieved some news about my exhaust manifold pipe riser thingy, which was taken away on Tuesday to be replicated in stainless steel by an unknown engineering shop. Well the news is it has be x-rayed!! and only a section needs replacing, which will come to the princely sum of £40. Phew!

Kevin from Kent Marine Services will be over early next week to sort out my dripping stern gland, so in theory I could be back in the water by the end of next week.

After hearing this news I didn’t feel compelled to bust a gut getting jobs done in a hurry. So today I prepared the boat to be antifouled.

The patches of exposed gel coat which I treated last year with primacon appears to have stayed intact which is great news. A few other areas of the hull are showing up bits of exposed gel coat, so I feathered and sanded down the areas of gel coat and the surrounding antifoul so no more of the antifoul flakes off.

I then keyed the entire bottom of the boat with wet and dry 80 grit sand paper. After which I applied primacon to those exposed patches, and dabbed a bit along the rusty keel joint, which is a bit futile, its bound to rust somewhat. Eventually I’ll get the whole bottom sandblasted in a few years time.

The anode looks fine, and so do the 10p size anodes for the fridge.

In the evening I thought I’d treat myself to a Nando’s, though so did every 17 year old with a ford fiesta wielding a exhaust pipe the size of a small dustbin. I can’t say too much, I’m sure back in the day I might have congregated in a PC world car park in Reading to meet up with friends. Friday nights see the local Chatham boys park their max power wanabee cars in the corner of the retail car park and marvel over each others fluorescent orange rims. With a queue out the door I opted for a Italian restaurant for a plate of pasta in a butter and cream sauce, well I guess we’re not in Naples.


Trip Stats
Miles: 0
Total Miles: 50
Dinner £10.95
Summer trip total expenditure £168.84
Author: Tim Butler

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