Day 3 of Summer Trip 2014 – Work continues

Not too much to say today.

PSI have finished off the last of the work they needed to do today.

I now have NavTex which is like teletext for sailors but without the terrible music. NavTex will display abbreviated weather information and  navigation warnings, which are broadcasted from coastal stations. Having NavTex is not essential, but if for any reason I’m unable to get a weather forecast say for example if my phone is dead, then I hope this will be a useful aid.

My vhf now receives lat and long from the gps chartplotter, for a while it stopped working but all it turned out to be was a baud rate adjustment on the chartplotter. Sending lat and long to a VHF radio requires a lower baud setting it turns out. The advantage of having a VHF radio that knows your lat and long is incase you need to send a distress signal. Most VHF radios have DSC (Digital Selective Calling), and in an emergency there’s a big red mayday button that if pressed will send out a distress signal to nearby vessels, and that signal will display the latitude and longitude of the vessel in distress.

I spent the evening watching the inevitable downfall of England loosing to Uruguay at Porters. The locals were furious and spent the entire time shouting and cursing at the screen, I presume it was an attempt to change Englands luck for the better. Multiple replays of the goal served up by Suárez’ seemed to fuel further anger, it was then I realised as I looked down that I was wearing a bright blue hoody that Eliza had given me as a present on Monday. Not wanting to be confused as a Uruguayan I put on my best London taxi driver accent and hurled a few ‘Oh for f*ck sake’ sentences into the mix. I managed to exit as the game ended without injury.

For anyone wishing to visit Porters whilst staying in Chatham marina, I can describe it as something similar to a Wig & Penn or a Yates and is next to Dickens World The Grand Tour, which is a guided tour experience that takes visitors back in time to the Victorian England that Charles Dickens knew and wrote about in his novels and short stories. Dickens World is situated in a retail outlet, and Porters appears to share a authentic Victorian themed room which I believe is used for disco’s and Karaoke in the evenings.

Here are some reviews from Trip Advisor on Porters

“Worst Christmas Meal Experience Ever”
What a complete waste of £34.95! We booked our Christmas meal here, as Tina Turners tribute act was going to be there, along with a 9 piece band, which we were all a fan of. When you go for a Christmas meal, your expectation are never that high as wherever you go they are catering for large numbers of people, but this was disgusting. The choices for starter were Carrot and Coriander soup, or Pate. I opted for the soup. Firstly when this arrived the ‘waitress’ delivered the soup to me with her fingers in the bowl, which is foul. Secondly it was cold, and I when I asked for a roll and butter, the roll came out when we were eating the main course, the butter appeared after the main course. The main course was cold and looked as though it had been mircowaved, this took them 25 minutes to serve us the main and our group was not extremely big. Half way through the mains we were told that Tina Turner was ill and so was obviously was not going to be there, which we were all shocked why the restaurant had not told us when we had first arrived? The pudding I had was a Yule log with cream, but the cream had melted and had separated. To underline how bad this was, the salt came in what looked like fast food sachet and the pepper was in small open dish where you put your fingers in helped yourself to what you wanted, and passed it on .I served with the Royal Marines for 20 years in many places so I have experienced so very revolting food, but I think I would rather sit in the Iraq desert with a army rations then to go here again. My advice to any one going here for whatever reason is go to McDonald’s etc, because at least it will be warm, hygienic and 10th of the price, OR buy some army rations.
The review is too long but I loved the title of the review!

I can’t comment on the food, but my two pints of Guinness tasted lovely.


Trip Stats
Miles: 0
Total Miles: 50
Lunch takeaway £3.95
2 pints of Guinness   £7.80
Summer trip total expenditure £157.89
Author: Tim Butler

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