Day 2 of Summer Trip 2014 – Lift out at Chatham

At 8:30am the guys came over and proceeded to prepare the boat for the liftout.

The boat yard required the the furling genoa to be removed, and also the single backstay to allow the strop to be positioned over the boat. They used two halyards tightened to the deck to add as further support to the mast before removing the single backstay.

IMG_20140617_184747 IMG_20140618_085832 IMG_20140618_090905 IMG_20140618_092759 IMG_20140618_093047 IMG_20140618_093508

The lift happened very quickly and within a few more minutes Excalibur was being pressured washed down to reveal a tidy bottom! Everyone loves a tidy bottom 😉 Last years anti-fouling was a success!

IMG_20140618_101457 IMG_20140618_094616 IMG_20140618_124711

I had Kevin from Kent Marine Services remove the exhaust manifold which was corroded. He has taken it away to someone who may be able to make a stainless steel copy.

Paul and Matt from PSI Security have worked all day on my electrics and will be back tomorrow to finish off a few jobs.

IMG_20140617_161010 IMG_20140617_161013

I’ve spent the day watching the work going on, and trying to pick up a few skills, and also making decisions when required.

In the evening I did a little trip to the Co-op which turned out to be the experience I had expected, the cake isle was extensive, the meat selection wasn’t and consisted of a few poor old chicken fillets and burgers. I decided to splash out on a pack of cadbury mini rolls to blend in with the locals, which was fine until I was overcharged by 25p so my cover was blown when I had to queue again for my 25p refund.

IMG_20140618_192515 IMG_20140618_192526

Outside the Co-op is the historic Machine shop, a metal frame of a building who’s purpose was cleverly omitted from the description on the sign, thus making it hard to appreciate the preservation of this fine structure.

IMG_20140618_192206 IMG_20140618_192143 IMG_20140618_192111

Trip Stats
Miles: 0
Total Miles: 50
Lunch takeaway £7.50
Supermarket shop for dinner £7.99
Summer trip total expenditure £146.14
Author: Tim Butler

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