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June 2014

Day 14 of Summer Trip 2014 – The launch!

Well I found it particularly hard to get to sleep last night! I spent ages running through all the scenarios of things that could go wrong, mostly maneuvering Excalibur around the marina, getting slammed sideways into moored boats, their anchors tearing holes into the side of Excalibur and me powerless to do anything about it!... Author: Tim Butler

Day 13 of Summer Trip 2014 – Seals

No not that kind of seal, this kind of seal! Another riveting post! Today I put the neoprene seals on the underside of my locker lids, so now my cockpit should be completely watertight (providing the washboards are in place). It’s a small but satisfying job. In the afternoon I did my laundry (no washing... Author: Tim Butler

Day 11 of Summer Trip 2014 – Stern gland repacked and exhaust elbow refitted

In the morning Kevin came over and refitted the exhaust elbow. The exhaust elbow had been x-rayed and a section of the exhaust elbow had been chopped off, and a new section fabricated and welded on. After the exhaust elbow was fitted, Kevin then repacked the stern gland. The stern gland basically keeps the propeller shaft watertight.... Author: Tim Butler

Day 9 of Summer Trip 2014 – Oh Sandy!

No not that sandy! This sandy.. Today job was to sand the inside of the cockpit locker lids, varnish and eventually use those neoprene seals to ensure the lockers are as watertight as possible. Here’s some pretty pictures of the amazing transformation. The only problem with Sandy (my Bosche sander is called Sandy), is once... Author: Tim Butler

Day 5 of Summer Trip 2014 – Antifouling Excalibur

Another thrilling post. Today I antifouled the boat, which basically consist of applying a very toxic paint to the underside of the boat to stop marine growth attaching its little claws onto Excalibur, it’s like anti-vandal paint for marine critters! There’s one thing that is a given, where there’s boats there are normally people nearby... Author: Tim Butler