Dover to St Katharine Docks, a November sail


I’ve realised I didn’t write up a post for the Dover to St Katharine Docks trip last year so writing it now and backdating the post.

Nearly a month later after my failed attempt to get Excalibur up to London and with the October storms behind us, myself and a good friend Richard set out for the final leg of the journey.

I decided to depart from Dover’s eastern entrance, which is the main entrance the ferries take to and from Calais. Taking the western entrance means you have to cross over the eastern entrance going north, which is like crossing the M40 in rush hour with your feet tied together.  But, with a quick call to Dover port control they’ll give you a window to leave the eastern entrance and thus avoid the hassle of playing chicken with fast moving ferries.

It was a lovely sunny November day. With a little bit of wind and a decent tide we managed to get the sails up and stormed along at 8 knots to Goodwin Sands. We laughed and reveled at the fact that we were out sailing on such a lovely day in November, and there wasn’t a soul to be seen.

Eventually the wind died and we got the engine on and motored to Queenborough. It was a beautiful evening with a lovely sunset behind the Shivering Sands Forts.

The following day was uneventful, the weather was a bit miserable but finally Excalibur made it one month later, surviving the washing machine otherwise known as Dover, and the October storms that rocked the UK this year.

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Author: Tim Butler

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