Today I got a rig inspection (and got a nasty surprise)

I’m a little late in posting this entry up as it happened at the end of August.

After a friend (Oliver) commented that a shroud on the port side looked a little loose, I decided I would get the rigging tuned.

I spoke to Holman Rigging and made the decision to get a complete rig inspection done (not just a inspection on the deck fittings), as it made more sense to get an inspection done first and then have the rigging tuned if necessary.

The results were not good. Holman Rigging reported back that the lower shroud on the starboard side was fraying at the spreader, and therefore it was unsafe to continue sailing until it was fixed.

The rigging was reportedly replaced in 2006 making it 7 years old, so I didn’t expect to have to replace the rigging so prematurely. Rigging should last between 10-15 years.

I took the opportunity to swap the tri-colour mast head navigation light for a tri-colour and anchor light, and before the week was up the rigging had been replaced and I was ready to go again.

I would advise anyone who has recently purchased a boat to get a rig inspection done. I believe I have had a  very close shave given the last couple of sailing trips which I shall write about shortly. For £90 the rig inspection was worth every penny.

Vyv from the YBW forum took a sample of the failed shroud and kindly conducted a detailed analysis and wrote up a report. For anyone interested you may download it here: Failed shroud.pdf(345kb)


Author: Tim Butler

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