Today Excalibur was launched

Quite a momentous day today. Today I watched as the guys at the yard launch Excalibur after many months on the hard.

I had expected to have been afloat much sooner, but the prolonged cold spell prevented me from anti-fouling the boat, and replacing the seacocks took a bit longer than expected.

The guys in the yard were pretty darn hasty to get Excalibur in the water. Whilst I was on the boat showing someone around, the stumps and cradles were removed, and the boat loaded onto a trailer. The guy in the tractor was obviously working to his own timetable and had to be shouted to stop  towing 3 times. Standing at the top of a ladder attached to a boat, whilst removing the shore power, and then unlocking the ladder from the boat whilst being slowly towed away was an interesting experience.

Seeing Excalibur being hoisted up by the crane, swung round and then lowered into the water was a really pleasurable experience (I felt like a proud father!). After a quick check for leaks the guys towed her into her old berth with the skill and precision that only comes with years of experience.

I’ll remember my first lift in for a long time to come.

Author: Tim Butler

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