Today I added a boot top

After anti-fouling the boat last week I stood back and thought “A boot top would look lovely”. Ok my reason was purely cosmetic, with a appreciation for design, the stark contrast between dark blue and light blue needed addressing.

Queue an entire weekend painting a stripe!

First step was to mask out a boot top, 6″ at the bow and stern, 3″ in the middle. I started off by marking the boot top thickness periodically along the hull with scraps of tape as markers to follow when running the tape down the side of the boat. This proved impossible to follow. I eventually ran the tape freehand down the side of the boat.

I keyed the surface with a bit of wet and dry. I’m not sure if I did a sufficient job of doing this (time will tell). Sanding good looking gel coat was upsetting. I then primed the surface with a Hemel underwater primer. I tried using a brush, but quickly changed to a foam roller. 2 coats later with a 6 hour gap inbetween and the day was over.

The next day I applied 3 coats of Hemel racing hard boot top. It took me 3 coats!

Simple process, but it took a weekend to do.

When I took the the tape off the anti foul, a fair bit of it peeled off. I’m not sure if this is normal, so I’ll have to touch it up next week.




Author: Tim Butler

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