Today I primed and antifouled the boat

This won’t be the most exciting post, but as I’ve been waiting for over a month to do this job, it’s been the most satisfying moment of the last 6 weeks. March and April have been the coldest, wettest months since records began, and dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Excalibur has a few patches of exposed gel coat, where the previous owner had not keyed the surface properly before anti-fouling.

20130225_132533 20130225_132519 20130225_132505 20130225_132458 20130225_132743 20130225_132729 20130225_132710 20130225_132615


First off I sanded the patches down with wet and dry sandpaper, making the surface smooth thus removing the flaky bits of anti-foul.  Then I primed the bare patches with Primicon (two coats). I also primed the rusty joint along the keel. I didn’t grind it back, instead I just slapped it on for now . I will do a proper job next year, but for now I just want to get her in the water.

20130420_140719 20130420_140707 20130420_140702 20130420_140734


20130421_091352 20130421_091314 20130421_091321 20130421_091326 20130421_091334 20130421_091340 20130421_091347 20130420_140705

The next day, I slapped on Seajet Shogun anti-foul. The anti-foul was a bit watery, so I stirred it up, but still the first half of the boat didn’t look great, and as I got through the tin I started hitting some of the thicker stuff. So one side looked pretty wishy washy, and the other half looked ok.

20130421_091418 20130421_092300

20130421_112458 20130421_112449

Back to the chandlery for another tin (£70 each!) with a return trip to exchange it for navy instead of blue, a lucky escape! The second coat went on much more easily and the consistency of the anti foul was more consistent and thicker. Perhaps the first tin was too cold.

20130421_183615 20130421_183557 20130421_183540

I’m very happy with the result, but I’m considering adding a boot top as she looks a bit funny now….

Things I’ve learnt:

  • Latex gloves are rubbish, will use gardening gloves next time
  • Pay close attention to which colour anti-foul you bought. Good job I realised my second tin was blue, and not navy in the nick of time
  • If the anti-foul looks a watery, stir more or warm up
  • Blue UV masking tape is a must. I masked the boat 4 weeks ago expecting to anti-foul the following day, then it rained for a month. The tape held true as advertised
Author: Tim Butler

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    Fantastic Blog Tim. Good luck with your preparations and we will see you in the Caribbean soon.

    • Reply todayiboughtaboat May 1, 2013 at 9:40 pm

      Thanks Oliver, can’t wait 😀

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