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April 2013

Today I added a boot top

After anti-fouling the boat last week I stood back and thought “A boot top would look lovely”. Ok my reason was purely cosmetic, with a appreciation for design, the stark contrast between dark blue and light blue needed addressing. Queue an entire weekend painting a stripe! First step was to mask out a boot top,... Author: Tim Butler

Today I replaced 3 seacocks…(it actually took a month)

Excalibur has Marlon plastic seacocks in the heads and the bronze seacocks for the cockpit drains and galley sink were either seized or on their way out. I decided to replace the bronze seacocks with plastic seacocks as they’ll be less maintenance, and everything else connecting the seacocks are plastic so there’s no reason to... Author: Tim Butler

Today I primed and antifouled the boat

This won’t be the most exciting post, but as I’ve been waiting for over a month to do this job, it’s been the most satisfying moment of the last 6 weeks. March and April have been the coldest, wettest months since records began, and dinosaurs roamed the earth. Excalibur has a few patches of exposed... Author: Tim Butler

Today I restored a teak grab rail

Another seemingly dull and mundane post to anyone who reads this and doesn’t own a boat. Pretty straight forward. Grey discoloured teak grab rail. One bottle of star bright teak cleaner.   Then applied some starbright teak oil and BOOM! The result was very nice. Shall add a picture this weekend as I forgot in my... Author: Tim Butler